Karl Morre primary and comprehensive school

Construction of the new Karl Morre primary school in Graz.

The new primary school with eight classes replaces the post-war pavilions and links the existing comprehensive school and an after-school care centre.
Design idea: in keeping with the client’s goal of achieving an extremely economical concept, quiet basic bodies were developed whose spatial quality, both inside and outside, was accomplished by simple means. The freely arranged windows create a sense of fun and the playfulness of a primary school. The afternoon after-school care centre is to form an architectural and atmospheric contrast to the school building, and is thus hidden beneath a folded-out field.
Integration into the urban development context: the basic aim in terms of urban development is to ensure the openness of the overall site by means of a clever arrangement of the new buildings. This is accomplished by means of a two-storey building raised three metres from the ground, with only the gym and exercise room inserted beneath in the form of free cubes.
Outer form and materials: the new building floating above the playground is designed as a clear-cut structure, whose façade nevertheless subtly suggests the two functions of primary school and common rooms. The gym and exercise room have the appearance of freely inserted cubes. The after-school care centre is not visible at first glance, being hidden beneath a folded-out field.
Interior qualities: the access corridors alternate from north to south, according to the functions of the rooms, and thus create a variety of different views. They are combined in the hall, as are the common functions of the primary and comprehensive schools. The atmosphere in the classrooms is particularly cheery and cosy thanks to the freely arranged windows and wood as the chosen material.
Additional background information on the building: first “wooden school” (timber construction) in Graz. High interior and exterior quality using reduced formal elements and extremely economical construction method. The industrial timber construction method is also visible inside the building. 
adress: Karl Morre Str. 58, 8020 Graz - Austria
client: Hypo-Leasing by order of Stadt Graz
completion: 2002


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