Gradnerstraße residential development

Construction of a residential development in Graz.

Individual housing in an urban setting is the underlying idea of this new residential complex. The condensed low structure fits in to the developed suburban setting, accentuating and ensuring anonymity. The terraced houses are made up of flexible modules, thus creating a free interplay of buildings and views between them. According to the residents’ requirements and wishes, they design their own home and private outdoor area by choosing from a range of additional rooms in different extension zones. The private green area is divided by pergolas and storage rooms, thus creating a courtyard-like development. The overall complex (58 dwellings) is divided into four areas, each with its own outdoor areas, that form a continuous centre of the complex. The majority of the terraced houses consist of an elongated south-facing building (type A). The narrow floor plans, optimised for wood, ensure brightly lit interiors.
At certain points, the house type with finished attic storey (type B) adds urban development accents, that also serve as landmarks for wayfinding. All basic types allow gradual extension from 80 to 100 to 120m². The range of possible extensions creates an overall impression of great variety. Each terraced house can be configured differently in terms of its room layout thanks to the varying extension zones on the ground and upper floor (“mixed-generation housing”, “living and working at home”). The type B house offers another special area on the finished attic storey. The residents and their wishes have led to a vertical body beyond the usual monotonous suburban scenery. The openings were positioned in a climate-aware manner: large openings in the south (with variation), and relatively closed in the north. A pergola zone facing south offers shade, a covered seating area, trellis or balcony as a special wish. The roof surfaces are extensively planted so as to have a positive effect on the microclimate. Wood as a climate-aware material appears in various places, emphasising an “individual” and yet holistic idea.

adress: Gradnerstraße, Graz - Austria
client: enw - Ennstal Neue Heimat
planning: Nussmüller architects
completion 1.section: 2011

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